Why Craig is not Satoshi

Why Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright, an entrepreneur from Australia is having everyone believe that he is the author of Bitcoin’s whitepaper and protocol, Satoshi Nakamoto. Although a great number of people believe that Dr. Wright is not Satoshi, some people including Bitcoin partners and investors still claim that Craig Wright and Satoshi Nakamoto is the same person. With the news hitting the public that Craig Wright might be Satoshi Nakamoto it stirred up some waves within the Bitcoin community.

Gavin Andersen was one of the individuals who believed that Craig is Satoshi after all. The core Bitcoin developer, Gavin said that after a convincing email providing proof, he had no choice but to fly to London and meet Craig Wright in person. Gavin informed the community that after a while getting to know Craig he was certain that he is without a doubt Satoshi.

Ian Grigg, another Australian entrepreneur, and cryptographer is also 100 percent certain that Craig is Satoshi. With big names in the Bitcoin industry supporting Craig’s statement, the majority of people still say that they won’t be fooled until they see legitimate proof, which Craig Wright has refused to share with the public. All though there are some articles and interviews backing Craig’s statement, sceptics and journalists say that nothing yet can prove Craig Wright’s statement to be true.

He Cannot Prove it

Gavin Wright also chooses to whom he reveals evidence as to why he claims to be Satoshi, and this has led to people believing that Gavin’s audience lacks the expertise to see through his illusion. Back in 2015 Gavin Wright even tried to prove he is Satoshi by signing in with the same log in key which Satoshi uses, however, expert Greg Maxwell did some digging and found out that the keys have been tampered with beforehand.

Recently Gavin tried again to prove he is Nakamoto by using an old key that was used by Satoshi himself, by saying that the key used is newly generated. The login was valid and Gavin was granted access, unfortunately, this showed everyone that Gavin used an old existing key instead of using one of Satoshi’s private and unique keys. If Gavin had used a private key it would have been proof that he might, in fact, be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Craig Wright Fraud

By signing in with Satoshi Nakamoto’s signatures and information experts have stated that Gavin Wright is deceiving the Bitcoin community as all of his digital scripts lack a proper Satoshi signature. Gavin Wright was also asked that if he is Satoshi then transferring coins between Satoshi’s accounts would be a piece of cake, and once again Gavin refused to do so.

“Think of Gavin Wright busy driving a car, even though Gavin is driving the car there is no indication that he owns it until he shows the proper paperwork which he refuses to do.”

Bitcoin enthusiasts, investors and a lot of major cryptography experts said that they will not believe Gavin Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto until real proof is presented which at this stage looks very unlikely to happen.